Associated Fellows (PostDoc)

MPI Thumb amjadi

Morteza Amjadi

My research interests are in the development of flexible and soft sensors and actuators as well as the design of soft-bodied robots that can couple sensing and actuation.


MPI Thumb besserve

Michel Besserve

I develop machine learning and statistical tools to study cooperative phenomena occurring in brain activity at multiple scales.


MPI Thumb ceylan

Hakan Ceylan

I explore programmable self-assembly as an active platform for high throughput, parallel, and distributed (swarm-like) micro- and nano- robotic operations and for high volume manufacturing of multi-component micro- and nano-robots.


MPI Thumb hu2

Wenqi Hu

I am working on functionalizing magnetic microrobots for bio-medical application, with special emphasis on tetherless energy transfer to actuate microrobot for applications such as hyperthermia and shape transformation


ETH Thumb ladicky

Lubor Ladicky

My research interests are computer vision, discrete and continuous optimization, and machine learning for physics based simulations.


ETH Thumb aurelien

Aurélien Lucchi

I have a strong interest in optimization, probabilistic graphical models and deep learning. I am also interested in developing new machine learning models for text and image understanding.


ETH Thumb oswald

Martin Oswald

My current research focuses on analyzing dynamic visual scenes and aims to develop efficient and robust methods for the geometric and semantic analysis of scenes captured by multiple videos.


MPI Thumb qiu

Tian Qiu

My research focuses on micro-robots that propel through complex biological fluids. I am working on new micro/nano fabrication methods, actuation principles in low Reynolds number hydrodynamics, and exploring potential biomedical applications.


MPI Thumb ulusoy

Osman Ulusoy

My current research focuses on reconstructing dense 3-d surface geometry, appearance and motion from image sequences.


MPI Thumb wuthrich

Manuel Wüthrich

I am working on reinforcement learning and stochastic optimal control for robotics. In particular, I am interested in finding bounds for approximate solutions, in the sense of probably approximately correct learning.


Alumni (PostDoc)

MPI Thumb rohit

Rohit Babbar

My research interests include large-scale learning, classification of data to large output spaces aka extreme classification, deep learning, and optimization.


MPI Thumb bohg

Jeannette Bohg

My research focuses on perception for autonomous robotic manipulation and grasping. I am specifically interested in developing methods that are goal-directed, real-time and multi-modal such that they can provide meaningful feedback for execution and learning.


MPI Thumb thumb raghudeep

Raghudeep Gadde


MPI Thumb petersen

Kirstin Hagelskjaer Petersen

My research concerns bio-inspired construction by collectives of robots. I have designed a system of robots autonomously assembling three-dimensional structures. Now, I aim to extend the potential for long term autonomy by introducing soft durable robots to the field of autonomous construction.


MPI Thumb palagi

Stefano Palagi

I am fascinated by the basic physical learning processes that take place in nature at the micro-scale (e.g. the adaptive emerging feature of metachronal wave in ciliary propulsion); my research focuses on implementing this kind of features in artificial micro-actuators and advanced micro-robots.


MPI Thumb peters

Jonas Peters

My scientific work focuses on causal inference from empirical data: I develop both theory and methodology that allow us to learn causal relationships from observational (and interventional) data.


ETH Thumb petruskaweb

Andrew Petruska

I am interested in contact free manipulation based on controlling magnetic interactions between a magnetic field source and a magnetic device. I explore how to model and control devices with an eight-coil magnetic manipulation system designed for human-scale catheter guidance.


MPI Thumb sevilla

Laura Sevilla

I'm working on Computer Vision