Student Representatives

17 October 2018

The CLS community has elected our new student representatives for the period October 17th - January 17th, 2019. Our student representatives are the point of contact for the collection of matters that are of daily concern to the PhD students. All student representatives meet each other and the coordinator regularly.

Depicted from left to right:

Alexis Block (Stuttgart, Zürich), Robotics and Computer Vision
Supervisors: Katherine Kuchenbecker (MPI) and Otmar Hilliges, Roger Gassert (both ETH)

Chantal Göttler (Stuttgart, Zürich), Robotics
Supervisors: Metin Sitti (MPI) and Roland Siegwart (ETH)

Francesco Locatello (Zürich, Tübingen), Machine Learning
Supervisors: Gunnar Rätsch (ETH) and Bernhard Schölkopf (MPI)

The fourth elected representative, Daniel Cudeiro, tragically passed away in December 2018.
This news entry was amended on May 28, 2020.