MPG ETH CLS Student Projects

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M3 Rowing Simulator: Concurrent Feedback vs. Conventional Instruction Methods on the Initial Skill Improvement across Baseline Test

Investigate the initial skill improvement by means of concurrent and augmented feedback strategies when they are used to familiarize and instruct the subjects.

Rowing Simulator Human Movement Science Sports Engineering Haptic Visual Feedback Experiment Statistics Kinematics Augmented feedback

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Deep Learning-based Lake Ice Detection using ESA Sentinel-1 SAR Data

Continuous monitoring of climate indicators is important for understanding the dynamics and trends of the climate system. Lake ice has been included in the list of Essential Climate Variables (ECVs). This thesis will investigate the possibility to monitor lake ice using deep learning with SAR data.

Lake Ice Detection Convolutional Neural Networks Remote Sensing Computer Vision Texture Analysis Climate Change Satellite Image Processing Synthetic Aperture Radar

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AI-based Machine Vision for Self-Checkout System

In this project, the student will work on a machine vision system capable of identifying and tracking products in real time, in a controlled environment.

AI computer vision machine learning image analysis

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Learning to predict the wind for autonomous flight near terrain

This project will aim towards development of fast, accurate simulation approaches for predicting spatially-varying wind fields on-board a UAV.

machine learning fluid dynamics physics simulation unmanned aerial vehicles deep learning

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