Alexis E. Block and HuggieBot in the News

20 October 2020

Alexis's PhD research work developing HuggieBot is featured in an article in The New York Times: "When We Can Hug Again, Will We Remember How It Works? How to navigate when you should and shouldn’t hug someone — and how not to hold on too long". It will be in print in the science section of the paper today.

Alexis Block joined the CLS doctoral program in July 2017, supervised by Katherine J. Kuchenbecker, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and co-advised by Otmar Hilliges and Roger Gassert at ETH Zurich.

Her work on the development of HuggieBot has been split between the Haptic Intelligence Department led by Katherine Kuchenbecker at the Stuttgart site of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, and the Rehabilitation Engineering Lab of Roger Gassert at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology and the Advanced Interactive Technologies Lab of Otmar Hilliges at the Department of Computer Science, both at ETH Zurich.

Read the article in The New York Times here. To read more about Alexis's research, visit Alexis Block's homepage. Alexis's work also features in this month's edition of the Australian Science Magazine "Double Helix". Congratulations, Alexis!

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