Real-time Eye Tracking from Webcam Input

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Starting Date: earliest start: (2018-01-01) latest end: (2018-12-31)

Organization: Advanced Interactive Technologies

Involved Host(s): Park Seonwook

Abstract: Let's track eyes reliably with just your laptop or phone.

Description: Though webcams (and front-facing cameras in general) have become better over the past years due to increasing demand for personal promotion on social media, they are mostly unsuitable for eye tracking. The reason being that images do not contain well defined iris edges and eye corners from which traditional eye tracking is often performed. This project aims to develop a pipeline which performs reliable and reasonably accurate eye tracking in real-time for consumer front-facing cameras, potentially extending to mobile devices. You will work on existing code, incorporating my gaze estimation algorithm into your pipeline. Required: - Python - Image processing - Computer vision - Much enthusiasm Experience desired in: - Deep Learning - Training of CNNs - Mobile app development

Goal: Implement a pipeline for eye tracking (face detection -> face segmentation -> facial-landmarks estimation -> eye segmentation -> gaze estimation) to potentially run real-time on consumer devices with front-facing cameras.

Contact Details: Seonwook "Wookie" Park (

Eye Tracking Gaze Estimation Real-time

Labels: IDEA League Student Grant (IDL) Semester project Lab practice Bachelor Thesis CLS Student Project (MPG ETH CLS)
Topics: Information, Computing and Communication Sciences
Applicant Organizations: ETH Zurich IDEA League

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