Computational Haptics

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Organization: Advanced Interactive Technologies

Involved Host(s): Langerak Thomas , Vechev Velko , Zarate Juan

Abstract: We research wearable and tool-based haptics systems, from hardware, computational design using optimization, and the user experience. Several master projects are open in this area in our group.

Description: Haptic is for touch what optics is for vision and acoustics for hearing. At the AIT lab we have made significant progress pushing the state-of-the-art in different areas of Haptics. For example, in wearable haptics we have worked on tactile systems such as Magtics [1] and Tactiles [2], and on large blocking-force systems like Dextres [3]. On tool-based haptics, we have explored different geometries and applications in Magpen [4] and the Spherical EM [5]. In this project we are interested in exploring the combination of our state-of-the-art hardware platforms with computational design techniques to create novel interactive haptic devices and experiences. As there are many such combinations, we propose a master thesis or semester projects according to the student background and self-interest. To mention some examples, We are developing modular robotic arms for grounded haptics interaction. We are interested in employing optimization methods to enable rapid design and fabrication of custom fit haptic devices. For example, tools could be developed to customize for individuals or for specific tasks and areas such as sports and rehabilitation. On the Human-Computer interaction side, we aim to design and validate systems that immerse people in VR/AR environments. Thereby increasing their performance and/or enjoyment. We invite the students to contact any of the contact persons to discuss possible projects in this area. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Goal: To be agreed on at the start, in the framework of the haptics project currently ongoing in the lab.

Contact Details: Juan Zarate - Thomas Langerak - Velko Vechev -

Haptics computational optimization human-computer interaction wearables

Labels: IDEA League Student Grant (IDL) Master Thesis CLS Student Project (MPG ETH CLS) ETH Organization's Labels (ETHZ)
Topics: Information, Computing and Communication Sciences Engineering and Technology