MPG ETH CLS Student Projects

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Learning to predict wind flows for fixed-wing UAVs

This project will aim towards development of fast, accurate simulation approaches for predicting spatially-varying wind fields on-board a UAV.

machine learning fluid dynamics physics simulation unmanned aerial vehicles deep learning

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Learning for LiDAR based Smoke/Fog/Rain Detection

This project will explore deep learning techniques for detecting nuisances in LiDAR sensors.

deep learning mapping 3D point clouds

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Deep Learning-based Lake Ice Detection using ESA Sentinel-1 SAR Data

Continuous monitoring of climate indicators is important for understanding the dynamics and trends of the climate system. Lake ice has been included in the list of Essential Climate Variables (ECVs). This thesis will investigate the possibility to monitor lake ice using deep learning with SAR data.

Lake Ice Detection Convolutional Neural Networks Remote Sensing Computer Vision Texture Analysis Climate Change Satellite Image Processing Synthetic Aperture Radar

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Scene Completion for Satellite Image-Based Reconstructions

Despite the impressive level of detail, reconstructions based on satellite images are typically incomplete due to restrictions on the viewing directions in image collections. The goal of this project is to develop advanced methods for completing such partial reconstructions.

Satellite imagery 3D reconstruction Neural network Deep learning Scene completion

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