MPG ETH CLS Student Projects

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Solving Assembly Tasks via Deep Learning

The goal of the project is to enable precise positioning of the objects in 6D space using RGB camera as a main source of feedback.

Robotics Deep Learning Robot Arms

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App and Simulator Development For a Hugging Robot

HuggieBot is a custom robot designed to give people good hugs. To make HuggieBot more interactive I'm creating a mobile app to allow people to send each other customized hugs. This builds off my pre-existing code hug code and a pre-existing simulator to check the customization before using the robot

App development (iOS and Android)

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How Close is Close Enough? Investigating Spatial Mismatch for Haptics in VR

The goal of this project is to simulate tracking errors in VR of different magnitude, build a data set of tracking errors and create a model of perceived error.

Virtual reality haptics user modeling psychophysics

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Making Physical Objects Look Virtual: Closed-loop Spatial Augmented Reality

In this project, you will investigate a closed-loop system to control the appearance of an object that is augmented with projection mapping. The object is visually altered using a projector while simultaneously observed with a camera.

Spatial augmented reality projection mapping appearance mimicking

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Estimating Cognitive Load in VR using the Index of Pupillary Activity

The goal of this project is to re-implement the IPA (Duchowski et al., The Index of Pupillary Activity, CHI 2018) and create a flexible framework to perform cognitive load tests in VR.

Cognitive load measurements index of pupillary activity virtual reality

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Drone Tracking using Multi-Camera System

The aim of the project is to determine the trajectory of a drone in flight, by observing it with two or more cameras. Camera-based tracking provides a ground-based al-ternative to trajectory estimation from on-board GNSS+IMU measurements.

3D Geometry GNSS+IMU 3D Computer Vision System

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Semantic Clustering of Mobile Instant Messages

A stream of research proposes systems that enable intelligent notification mechanisms for mobile devices (e.g [1, 2]). These systems infer the receptivity of a user based on their context (estimated with sensors) and the sender of a message. Alt-hough related work highlights the effect of content on

Semantic clustering interruption management intelligent notification systems

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Personalized Typing Training

Develop an intelligent tutoring system that helps people to improve their typing speed without having to relearn a new typing strategy (10-finger touch typing).

Text input intelligent tutoring systems typing Human-Computer Interaction HCI e-learning

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Deep Learning-based Lake Ice Detection using ESA Sentinel-1 SAR Data

Continuous monitoring of climate indicators is important for understanding the dynamics and trends of the climate system. Lake ice has been included in the list of Essential Climate Variables (ECVs). This thesis will investigate the possibility to monitor lake ice using deep learning with SAR data.

Lake Ice Detection Convolutional Neural Networks Remote Sensing Computer Vision Texture Analysis Climate Change Satellite Image Processing Synthetic Aperture Radar

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AI-based Machine Vision for Self-Checkout System

In this project, the student will work on a machine vision system capable of identifying and tracking products in real time, in a controlled environment.

AI computer vision machine learning image analysis

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