MPG ETH CLS Student Projects

3D Pose Estimation and Modelling Human-Object Interaction

3D hand pose/shape estimation and the modeling of human/object interaction is a pathway to real-world interactive AR/VR applications such as Microsofts HoloLens and Facebooks Occulus Rift. The reason is that we interact with the world using our hands to use tools and to socialize with others.

Computer vision VR/AR 3D reconstruction 3D pose estimation machine learning neural networks human-object interactions

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Using machine learning to detect and predict changes of land use from aerial imagery

The ability to understand the evolution of land use (e.g. construction, change of land type) is crucial in fields such as urban planning, agriculture, natural resources management, and even autonomous flight. We will develop a Bayesian Recurrent Neural Network approach.

Bayesian Deep Learning Recurrent Neural Networks Remote Sensing Agriculture Environmental Sciences Computer Vision

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Electromagnetic tracking via Deep Learning

The goal of this project is to work on a new magnetic tracking system that combines our expertise in machine learning, haptics, and electromagnetic actuators. The outcome will be incorporated as one of the building blocks of a larger system we are working on that is oriented towards VR/AR haptics.

Machine Learning Haptics Electromagnetic Actuators Finite Element Method FEM

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Computational Haptics

We research wearable and tool-based haptics systems, from hardware, computational design using optimization, and the user experience. Several master projects are open in this area in our group.

Haptics computational optimization human-computer interaction wearables

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3D Hand Pose and Shape from Images

We provide several projects on 3D hand pose/shape estimation and reconstruction from images. If you are a research-oriented student and are interested in work in this area, you can contact me and we can work together on formulating your thesis topic. You can also bring your own ideas.

deep learning computer vision 3D reconstruction hand pose estimation meshes 3D pose estimation 3D keypoints machine learning neural networks

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