MPG ETH CLS Student Projects

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Floodwater-level estimation through semantic image interpretation

The main goal of this (Master thesis) project is to use machine learning and computer vision for quantifying urban flood events. Specifically, partially submerged objects of known dimensions will be automatically identified in images to estimate flood water level.

deep learning computer vision rapid hazard response social media

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Learning Control

Machine learning for advanced control of intelligent systems

Control machine learing adaptive control robotics dynamic systems optimization intelligent systems

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Analysis of leg muscle activity during undisturbed and disturbed walking

A device called the ETH Knee Perturbator has been developed at the RELab. It can induce knee joint perturbations during walking. Measurements of muscle activity while wearing the device and during perturbations offers useful insight in muscle recruitment when gait is disturbed.

Human gait EMG muscle patterns adaptation to perturbation treadmill walking rehabilitation

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Deep Scale Learning for Visual Motion Estimation (MA/SA)

The goal of this project is to train a deep neural network to estimate scale for a purely visual motion estimation framework. This will enable robots to perform metric ego-motion estimation without use of additional information sources such as an IMU or wheel encoders.

SLAM Machine Learning Python C++ Robotics Computer Vision Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)

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Learning Visual Object Descriptors

The goal of this project is developing and evaluating a machine learning based full-object descriptor algorithm for object retrieval

C++ Python Machine Learning Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) TensorFlow Caffe Computer Vision Classification

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Distributed Wireless Control

In a new research project, we seek to integrate recent advances in wireless networking with networked control to develop a superior solution for reliable and economic wireless control for cyber-physical systems (CPSs).

Distributed control networked control wireless networks cyber-physical systems theory application

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